Sunday, June 17, 2007


Very much anticipated worldwide, and a long while since his previous full album it finally was and is clear that the third album would been something of a classic. Meanwhile he released records/contributions on Tomlab, Bip-Hop, Darla, and Mixer to state only a few. But nothing of all this stand in real proportions to the immense impact of this double album. 130 minutes of pure ecstacy for brain, feet and boiling emotions. Taking up anything you can find in musical history and transforming it into which can only be described as Köhn. Going of raping glitch. Initiating electronica fans to contempory classical movement, introducing pure popriffs in a completely fucked up surrounding, incorporating the 80's revival into something which will last forever. Taking the term drone into a structured masterpiece, and reconstructing the term 'twisted beats' it is clear that everyone can and should be amused, thrilled. It takes you a full two hour of this planet into a world where you wander where you are when the final seconds are vanishing. Time will tell, but this is the 'Loveless' of this first decade.

Koen 1 2

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