Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Songs for the Young at Heart

Songs For The Young At Heart” is an enchanting side project bought to you by Dave Boulter and Stuart Staples of the Tindersticks. Inspired by memories from their childhood of music from the radio, school room and television, “Songs For The Young At Heart” features the sunny, simple, dark and sad songs from the halcyon days of school holidays and endless summer afternoons. Hand picking a selection of guest vocalists and story tellers, the album includes the likes of Cerys Matthews singing a sublime version of “White Horses”, Bonnie Prince Billy’s melancholic version of Puff The Magic Dragon and Jarvis Cocker reciting the tale of “Albert & The Lion” which takes you back to the days of Jackanory. Lovingly and beautifully presented, “Songs For The Young At Heart” is for everyone, whether young, old or especially just young at heart…

“Songs For The Young At Heart”, released on February 26th, first comes in a limited edition run packaged in a hard paged children’s book featuring the tale of “Albert The Lion” with illustrations by cult artist Sexton Ming. A video of Jarvis Cocker telling the story of “Albert The Lion” – where Jarvis sits in an actual lions cage WITH the lion – will also be available.

1.Theme For The Young At Heart (Stuart Staples)
2. Uncle Sigmund’s Clockwork Storybook – Sung by Robert Forster (The Triffids)
Originally by The Spinners in 1967
3. Florence’s Sad Song – Sung by Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian)
From “Dougal & The Blue Cat” – 1972
4. White Horses – Sung by Cerys Mathews
Originally by Jacky Lee in 1968
5.The Lion & Albert – Told by Jarvis Cocker
Original monologue by Marriott Edgar
6. Robinson Crusoe – Performed by The Tindersticks
Theme from the television programme from 1965
7. Hushabye Mountain – Sung by Stuart Staples
From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – 1965
8. Morningtown Ride – Sung by Suzanne Osbourne
9. Inch Worm – Sung by Kurt Wagner (Lambchop)
Hans Christian Anderson soundtrack 1952
10. Mary, Mungo & Midge – performed by The Tindersticks
From the BBC TV series 1969
11. The Three Sneezes – Told by Martin Wallace
12. Puff, The Magic Dragon – Sung by ‘Bonnie’ Price Billy and Red
Originally by Peter, Paul & Mary in 1963
13. Hey, Don’t You Cry – (Stuart Staples) sung by Stuart Staples

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