Sunday, November 25, 2007

Donnacha Costello

This long overdue CD compilation of Donnacha Costello's Colorseries draws on the artist's own favourite selections from the 12"s and even throws some unreleased material into the bargain. It was 2004 when Costello embarked upon the project and even after three years of rotation by DJs like Josh Wink and Loco Dice it's still a pleasure to listen through the assembled tracks. Thanks to a mixture of digital finesse and classic analog equipment Costello's productions sound incredibly warm and soft, with the contoured bass of 'Grape A' and the bright beams of synth in 'Mustard B' still making for some immensely tactile listening. In amongst the classic techno dynamics of the series you'll also find a few opportunities for downtime ambience: the cuts from the Cocoa 12" are every bit the mug of auditory hot chocolate the title suggests, with a particularly mellifluous unreleased track making the cut, exhibiting a grip on muted, reverberant synth tones worthy of classic-era Boards Of Canada.

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Anonymous said...

Is there anyway you can re-up this link?

I love Donnacha's work, and I would really like to check this album out. It sounds awesome.