Monday, April 07, 2008

Principles Of Geometry

Principles Of Geometry are the French duo of Guillaume Grosso and Jeremy Duval, two bearded cosmic hippie-nerd twins who are obsessed with vintage analog synths, moustaches, NASA videos and the woods. This should already give you an idea of what you're about to listen to. Their second record Lazare is an ambitious album that synthesizes decades of electronic music: incorporating John Carpenter's dramatic minimalism, Terry Riley's smoky loops, Wendy Carlos' synthetic melodies, hip-hop urbanism and Aphex Twin-esque avant-garde electronic tweaking. Nevertheless, there's no nostalgia here - instead, you are propelled into a future where Sebastien Tellier sings Italo luv music (a new kind of slow-motion Italo disco), MCs like Cannibal Ox and Hangar18 ride wild beats towards Wagner's Walkyrie, and Jackson meets Boards of Canada on a boat. Here, songs are like pictures -- detailed encephalograms of Principles Of Geometry's moods -- complex and beautiful geometric patterns, a poetry of the infinite. But for them, the most essential aspect of music is emotion, it is the core of everything. Be it layers of melodies or beat avalanches, the goal is always to trigger an emotion, to talk to the mind more than the body. And they do so with such talent that you can always find something new within their songs, some hidden subliminal details. The artwork was supervised by POG with a beautiful cover photograph by American artist Justine Kurland.

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