Thursday, May 15, 2008


Building upon the multi-genre musical narrative established on last years critically acclaimed ‘Future Rock’ album, ‘Electric Soup’ is the latest release from Portland, Oregon based Strategy, aka multi-instrumentalist, programmer and DJ Paul Dickow.The compositions feature material initially road-tested during his whistle-stop tour of the UK and France in October 2007, which were then refined through a studio process that fuses old-school analogue equipment with modern digital sound design and manipulation. It is this blend of the old and new, combined with Paul’s own retro-futurist outlook which makes the songs on Electric Soup seem instantly familiar yet still unreservedly unique.From the Kosmiche of 'Unconventional Wisdom' through to the final theremin squeals of 'Primordial Soup' (which also features a guest appearance by Nudge cohort Brian Foote on additional guitar and synth duties), the almost dizzying array of textures, themes and musical motifs blended into the 24 minute running time provides food for the senses. Anyone for soup?

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