Friday, July 18, 2008

Fabulous Diamonds

Adorably known to friends and family in Australia as Jarrod and Nisa, The Fabulous Diamonds' beguiling truck is a mesmerizing mix of synth, dub, and percussion, woven around honey-ache vocal stylings recalling (in spirit) past Aussie noisemakers Scattered Order or Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, as well as those of Augustus Pablo, Young Marble Giants, and Suicide. . Their one previous release was a 7-inch co-released by Nervous Jerk and Misteltone, and it garnered praise from the Blogosphere and a smattering of airplay on discerning freeform radio stations around the US. This LP on Siltbreeze has been in the works for the better part of a year; its release coincides their first American tour (along with Siltbreeze labelmates, Psychedelic Horseshit).

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philanoia said...

The backlash against 'shitgaze' has already begun, but that's b/c lumping every band together that shares one or two elements and nothing more is ridiculous to begin with. (Thing 'grunge'.) The hype on Fab Diamonds is merited; it's great stuff. Just hope the hype doesn't pigeonhole them and kill 'em. Thanks for the post.