Monday, February 12, 2007

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Even the title of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s album is coated with positivity and enthusiasm. The song titles further confirm this, and indeed so does the spirit of the music.

There are definitely leanings towards Boards of Canada and Authechre, but Black Moth Super Rainbow create a far more unique, fun and playful sound with a far brighter tone. They’re not afraid to mix modern day electronica and some funky melodies with old-skool hip-hop beats á la opening track Raspberry Dawn or I Am the Alphabet. Start a People is infused with a kind of homemade charm. Indeed on tracks like Seeeds you sense there is a deliberate attempt, fuelled by a thirst for creating a musical paradigm outside the box, to avoid making anything that sounds too polished, or straight down the line.

Start a People is like a whole collage of different pictures, different sounds, bits and pieces of melodies, all underpinned by immense warmth and lovingly glued together by the Black Moths. Count Backwards to Black sounds a little like DJ Shadow taking on the theme tune from a sci-fi TV show, while the beautifully delicate 1 2 3 of Me evokes moments from Air’s Moon Safari. Black Moth Super Rainbow have notched up quite an achievement in making an electronica record that even people who don’t do electronics will love.

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