Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Though many producers have pushed forward the clicks-and-cuts style of experimental ambience developed by German experimentalists Oval (among others), few have been able to match their knack for making abstract cuts into pieces of undeniable beauty. Jan Jelinek's first LP as Gramm is one of the precious few, and it's obvious from the opener "Legends/Nugroove," a track that drifts along with droning, melancholy synth accompanying the various extreme-frequency percussion detritus in the track. While the beats are slightly more straight-ahead on "Type Zwei" (another highlight), the atmospherics are similarly down-tempo, nocturnal, and even dizzying at times. Though they're stated simply and rarely vary from track to track, the synths are also extremely effective at creating a reflective mood. For all the abstract chill-out fans who need a bit more to dwell on than four-four or breakbeats, Personal Rock offers almost as much experimentation as beauty.

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