Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jesu/Eluvium Split

For the second installment in the collaborative series of split albums between Temporary Residence Ltd. and Hydra Head Records, we find a match made in heaven with the ethereal, grandiose dirge-pop of Jesu splitting sides with stately, deserted majesty of Eluvium. Already fans of each other's music, the two artists sought to compliment each other and in the process stretched their individual sounds to their outermost limits. Jesu shoots for the moon with a trio of fuzzed-out tunes that owes more to first-wave British shoegaze groups like Swervedriver and Ride than Broadrick's own roots in Godflesh and Napalm Death. It's a beautiful and brilliant evolution in Jesu's already accomplished career. Eluvium aims for the heart of the sun with his magnum opus, a three-part collaboration with Jeremy deVine that stretches Eluvium's contemplative drones to a staggering twenty-one minutes, in which time the song transforms from a lonely rattle to a seismic, swirling storm of sound that grinds the piece to haunting quiet. As with all records in this series, this is strictly limited to 4,000 copies - 2,000 Hydra Head versions and 2,000 Temporary Residence Ltd. versions. The music and the artwork is the same on all copies, but the vinyl colors, label colors, and outer sticker colors will vary. We live to comfort you with our music, and confound you with our methods.

1. JESU: Farewell
2. JESU: Blind & Faithless
3. JESU: Why Are We Not Perfect?
4. ELUVIUM: Time-Travel Of The Sloth Parts I, II, & III

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METRO/SEA said...

Thanks for posting this. Another stunning Jesu release!