Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Skull Defekts

blood spirits & drums are singing is the skull defekts first record recorded in a professional studio. it is also their first one for the avant rock sound, previous releases included heavy sound experimenting, doom variations and electronic noise stuff. it is all about the rhythm. the circle, repetition. the sound. the noise. sweat. funk. sex. the skull defekts sound is a beast going for your brain, feet and the place in between. beware.

the skull defekts was formed by henrik rylander and joachim nordwall in early 2005 when nordwall’s band kid commando decided to end their eight-year carreer as knights of the sweatiest avant rock existing. rylander had been experimenting with feedback for a few years after the death of the infamous swedish garage rock outfit union carbide productions where he was the pulse, rhythm and founding member. quickly they teamed up with legend jean-louis huhta who’s been a key character in the swedish underground music scene since the mid 80’s, and the quartet was complete when daniel fagerström joined after eric olofsson left the band after the recording of blood spirits & drums are singing.

inspired by bands like section 25, lungfish, pil, 23 skiddoo, arthur russel, cabaret voltaire, a certain ratio, brain bombs, dub, noise, funk, and tribal ritual drumming – the skull defekts are kings of their own sound. and my god. the sound.

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