Sunday, September 23, 2007

Justus Kohncke

Justus Kohncke is a sponge and seems to have soaked in the whole history of pop music with all its inherent, structural beauty and styles. Five years after his debut album of cover versions “spiralen der erinnerung” and two years after his album “was ist musik”, Kompakt deemed it high time to wring out the sponge - filled with impressions collected during Justus’ numerous spectacular freestyle dj-performances all over the world. Combining Kompakt's techno message with disco jewels of the last three decades the man is full of knowledge and somewhat prone to regular, scientific analyses of his all-time, most favourite songs. Fighting on the front line of new club sounds Justus' track “timecode” was by consensus one of the biggest hits of 2004 - yet he plays the pop card so unashamedly, killing two birds again with one stone. “Schwabylon” is hard and elegant cruising disco funk Daft Punk would have loved to add to their recent album; “herz aus papier” is a cosy ballad called made in cooperation with Barbara Morgenstern; and there is the intoxicating, exotic and psychedelic version of “the answer is yes” and of course Kohncke‘s famous brand, his german electronic pop music for the charts of tomorrow (“wo bist du”, “alles nochmal”). The heart of the cd album is the 10-minute disco track “elan”

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