Saturday, September 22, 2007


after their homage to their moms and the digestion of piled up experiences of their musical freshmen years, the arts-and-crafts duo modeselektor will now release their second album �happy birthday�.

the record is once again a description of the state of mind of the little buggers from berlin-wedding. the constant state of mind is definately clear: hanging out together all the time. not only professionally (tours, studio ...), but now even more in their privat lifes to. because, smart asses will have reasoned already, both will become fathers very soon, almost simultaneously. happy birthday!

but back to their labor-pains: after 111 slashings and burnings of the dancefloor from sydney to iceland last year and driven by the ungovernable spirit of gold-diggers, gernot and szary holed up at their mobile airstream caravan recording studio in order to give birth to �happy birthday�.
the conditions of production were - and no flattering here - adverse. but thanks to digital transfer technology and a mild winter in berlin, all came together nicely in the end. thank god, because the album is supposed to release modeselektor�s monkey of success, its joy and energy and was supposed to also be a celebration of themselves - yeah!
there was of course spoken support in the past, and some of it turned into a musical one: thom yorke, maximo park, puppetmastaz, paul st. hilaire (of course!), otto von schirach, siriusmo and the french rap gang ttc.

the repertoire of �happy birthday� goes from hard rap à la french to the term dubstep in the broadest sense. new urban word scraps buzz around all the time to descripe modeselektor�s style: eurocrunk, continental grime, tech-rap ... the list is long. mr. bronsert and mr. szary don�t like to post a genre sticker on their music anyway, so they don�t really care. they just do great music, no matter what style.
and another good thing - their tendency to not take themselves seriously is unbowed and so this album is great fun for everybody - moms, dads, sibblings, grandparents ... �happy birthday� seems to be a bit more mature. maybe. but nonetheless not less attractive. like the two gentlemen themselves ....!

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