Monday, January 07, 2008


This full-length by Efdemin features 8 previously unreleased tracks in addition to singles, 'Lohn & Brot' and 'Acid Bells'. There's a certain understated elegence to Efdemin's particular brand of techno, as amply demonstrated by the reduced, softly woven beats of 'Knocking At The Grand' and the quietly drifting ambient undercurrents of 'Le Ratafia'. There are a few more overtly in-your-face tracks here though, like the crisp (yet somehow still effortlessly smooth) propulsions of 'Back To School' or the multitapped synth arpeggios that move 'Bergwein' along. Even in these instances there remains a sense of restraint and a rare ear for building a track without being too heavy-handed or linear about it. Very nice

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