Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jeans Team

Jeans team - ding dong
one of the records that you never stop coming back to. ding dong is beautifully bizarre and everlasting, the hard work behind is timidly revealed. stop complaining that their patches sound like presets and their tone is far from hip. instead, try to analyze this album conceptually and with a sense of humor, and admire the idiosyncratic personality that this group has.

I saw Jeans Team perform this evening and they were SPECTACULAR!
If you have the chance i think you should experience their live show for yourself.

Do 10.01.2008 USA New York, NY - Glasslands

Fr 11.01.2008 CDN Montreal - Zoo Bizarre

Sa 12.01.2008 CDN Toronto - Drake Hotel

Di 15.01.2008 USA Detroit, MI - Scrummage

Mi 16.01.2008 USA Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle

Fr 18.01.2008 USA New York, NY - Ruff Club

Fr 22.02.2008 D Jena - Kassablanca

Sa 23.02.2008 D Eggenfeld - Club Platinum

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