Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Birthday mix!

So today i get another year older. I decided to take a hike and listen to some music.
Thanks to all of you who visit. I promise to get more on top of things in the future and fix links and update more. Enjoy this mix it really is best listened to while hiking a mountain trail.

Birthday Hike Mix

1. Ozo- Anambra
2. Boredoms- house of sun
3. Vangelis- Part IV
4. White Rainbow- birthday driving pt.1
5. Butthole Surfers- Kuntz
6. M83- by the kiss
7. Manual- Dizzy Sun
8. Cloudland Canyon- PartII
9. Fabio Orsi- At Last Naked Clouds


Babee said...

happy birthday!!! thank YOU for amazing reviews. :)

G said...

please update your blog settings to allow RSS (Atom) feeds so I can read your excellent blog using an RSS reader. yours is one of the few blogger blogs that does not allow it, which will limit your readership.