Thursday, March 06, 2008

Religious Knives

Religious Knives started out as a side project of husband and wife team of Mike and Maya (both of Double Leopards) but it slowly grew into a full time project as Double Leopards were becoming less active. They started out as a two piece, and over time added Nate from Mouthus on drums and fiddled around with bass players until the full band was realized. The transition from noise / drone duo to full band was organic and perfectly natural. People hear the Grateful Dead, DUB, Can, Brain Records, drone, noise, maybe a little of the Doors in there (thanks to Mayas keyboarding)....It's a true droney/psych/noise masterpiece in the making. Truly, nothing sounds quite like this band. Dueling vocal harmonies blend with droney synths and effects while the dubby bass and powerful drums fill it out. INSANE! It's After Dark.

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