Sunday, May 13, 2007


Fibreforms is a Michigan-based project that plays instrumental music based on the haunting sound of the African bounkam. Theirs is ambient world-music a` la Penguin Cafè Orchestra, largely improvised according to a cut-up approach, with a penchant for processed percussions, guitars and found sounds. Treedrums (Earth Tone, 1996) contains: Soaring, Ore Corymb, Untitled Bright Format, Amorosa, Cincture, Thermals, Aubade.

The bounkam dominates also the five songs of the EP Stone (Roomtone, 1997): the waltzing Gryphons, the tribal Stone, the minimalistic Kohinoor, Knest, Untitled .

Kiln is the group that was born out of the ashes of Fibreforms.
> Fibreforms has one release on their own earthtone collectiv imprint
> called "treedrums" which is very good and hard to find. They have an
> ep out on room tone records & I think it's called "gryphons", and that
> is very good as well. The kiln ep on roomtone is only one member of
> Fibreforms (cfr clark). They also have recorded one album under the
> name waterwheel called "panchroma" on alleysweeper. They also have a 3
> way split on mind expansion with waterwheel, owl eye & Fibreforms. I
> spoke to clark (kiln) and he told me that there would be some new
> material coming soon on their own label.


Unknown said...

OH WOW!!!!

I've loved the Stone EP for a long time and followed Kiln too, but I NEVER KNEW about the Treeforms release...



Unknown said...

oops...I meant Treedrums..see I'm too excited!

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