Thursday, May 31, 2007


Seefeel have been defunct for over a decade now but affection for the band has not dwindled since.

In the early-nineties they resided on too pure - a burgeoning London independent label with a killer roster - and after a handful of EPs, they released their debut album, Quique, to much fanfare. It turned out to be their only album for the label (if you discount Polyfusia, a collection of EP tracks) before decamping to Sheffield's iconic Warp Records and then on to Aphex Twin's own Rephlex label.

Quique is regarded by many as their finest work and has become both a landmark and collectible record. It's long been deleted but good news arrives in too pure and the band joining forces to finally reissue it; it's been digitally remastered, given a 21st century facelift and had an extra disc of mostly unreleased material added.

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