Sunday, May 13, 2007


Released Winter 1998 on Roomtone

•The first track: geiger counters rusted out with malaria. It has come to an age when the pretense of such a fanciful description is all that will do, when outfits such as the wonderfully named KILN put it all to us, basking in anonymity somewhere in the Midwest. Kiln are out of a nowhere moving toward a more profound nowhere, taking or leaving us. The aforementioned “Kefgraft.2: Radius” and the ticked off “Neuron” bookend “Méné” which (in higher states) people will regard as the most beautiful night they’ve ever spent indoors. The post-bleep samba hasn’t captured the reluctant zeitgeist of the late 90’s until this (check Drum Island’s “Phizz” for a brighter close second or the upcoming Kiln release on Thalassa). “Afer,” “Sonor,” and “Cennan” offer more senseless (that’s good) outerspace approximations before a hidden track snails into view, never revealing it’s bubblegum center. Your machine will eventually reassure you with “Méné” again. KILN, like others of this vocal-less, ambient ilk, simply present for our perusal the sounds that get them off on landlocked nights.At their best KILN recall Main dolled up for an evening of mood swings under the buzz of dying neon. The sound vs. entertainment debate will not take up this space.
-Alternative Press

Remastered+Re-Imagined from the original release in 1998, Holo [re/lux] offers the original pieces (plus a previously unreleased bonus track) reconfigured, edited, and cleaned for an entirely new and revitalized energetic of this hard-to-find KILN classic.

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