Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Henrik Schwarz, Âme & Dixon

When we first started thinking about the compilation, we had in mind the idea to put together a great minimal techno selection with stuff from the early 90s, which really inspired us, like Robert Hood, Dan Bell, Plastikman, Pansonic and Mike Ink to name a few. Whilst working on the project we had the feeling that there is so much more great and influential minimal music from way before the techno thing started.

So we were very excited to combine the music from the electronic pioneers, with the tracks from the minimal techno godfathers in a very modern way. In Minimal Music there is so much (space) in between the sounds and the space that gives you a lot of opportunities for an own interpretation.

The Grandfather Paradox is a scientific theory about time travelling and was first described by the science fiction writer Rene Barjavel in his book - Le Voyageur Imprudent. We took suggestions out of that because we felt like we are travelling back in time and manipulating the old music with modern knowledge. The fact that we did all this with the deserved respect to the originals makes us quite sure that the results are bringing something new and interesting to the old tracks and transport the past into the here and now.

Henrik Schwarz, Âme & Dixon

Tracklisting 2xCD release:

CD1: Mixed by Henrik Schwarz, Âme & Dixon

01. Steve Reich & Pat Metheny
Electric Counterpoint - Fast (Movement 3)

02. Etienne Jaumet
Repeat After Me (Âme Mix)

03. Kenneth Bager
Fragment Eleven… The Day After Yesturday Pt.1

04. Liquid Liquid
Lock Groove (Out)

05. Cymande
For Baby Oh

06. Patrick Moraz
Metamorphoses 1st Movement (Live)

07. To Rococo Rot

08. Matematics
Blue Water

09. I:CUBE
Acid Tablet

10. Ø

11. Conrad Schnitzler
Electrocon 11

12. Green Pickles feat. Billy Lo & M. Pittman

13. La Funk Mob
Motor Bass Gets Phunked Up (Richie Hawtin's Electrophunk Mix)

14. John Carpenter
The President Is Gone

15. Yusef Lateef
The Three Faces Of Bala

16. Robert Hood

17. Raymond Scott
Bass-Line Generator

18. Moondog

CD2: Un-Mixed

01. Conrad Schnitzler
Elektrocon 11

02. Steve Reich & Pat Metheny
Electric Counterpoint - Fast (Movement 3)

03. Liquid Liquid
Lock Groove (Out)

04. To Rococo Rot

05. Patrick Moraz
Metamorphoses 1st Movement (Live)

06. Young Marble Giants

07. Kenneth Bager
Fragment Eleven… The Day After Yesturday Pt.1

08. Arthur Russell
Make 1,2

09. John Carpenter
The President Is Gone

10. Robert Hood

11. Raymond Scott
Bass-Line Generator

12. Pyrolator
November Mühlheim

13. Cymande
For Baby Oh

14. Can
Sunday Jam

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