Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Complicated Dance Steps Vol. 1

I made a mix for you today my friends and visitors. I will warn you now if you have ADD please get help and don't bother with this mix. It will drive you mad. Volume 1 is the start of many mixes to come. They will all have different sounds and themes. I am on my way to find out if i will ever walk normal again and i don't think i am going to like what the doctor has to say sooo...
I'll let the music do the talking. Oh! the spider reminds me of home.

Complicated Dance Steps Mix
Volume 1


1. Manyfingers
2. Broadcast
3. Soft Circle
4. Ekkehard Ehlers
5. Taylor DeupreƩ
6. Helios
7. Tim Hecker
8. Religious Knives
9. sunnO))) & Boris

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Miss Yen Dang said...

I downloaded it and have been listening to it in my room. Its really good, George. I'm forwarding it to some friends.