Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What is Indie?

I look at a lot of blogs about music because i have alot of free time on my hands. I see the word "indie" thrown around like shit in a monkey cage. So i said to myself, "What is indie music anyway?" After typing indie in my itunes search bar i got a list of bands that are indie. My taste in music is ok and i have a decent amount of music on my computer so this is just what i found out from the list i have in front of me. I just picked songs from bands to make a playlist that would fit on a cd. Here is the tracklist with my take on each band and why i think its considered "indie". I am no authority on the subject nor do i think this is going to define the whole genre.

1.American Analog Set - Cool kids Keep
These guys are the best. This song could easily be an indie kid theme song. If you are not familiar with this band go out and get all of their records. Quality!

2.Action Painting! - These things Happen
Don't know too much about this band except that they are from Brighton and this song was on a record that was on Sarah Records. Sarah records was a great indie label back in the day that put out 7"s which used to be a good indicator that your an indie band. not so much anymore. for more info on Sarah records go here.

3.Amy Millan - Baby I
Amy sings in a band called the Stars. I think there is a trend for women in bands to put out a solo record. Amy's is real country sounding and i like that cuz i am from Texas. Too bad for women in bands who go solo your stuck getting tagged indie unless you dress all hoochie and get rappers to guest on your records. That's not true but in my opinion the women of indie are more interesting and have better songs.

4.Asobi Seksu - Strawberries
Their website saids they are an indie rock band from New York so there you go. I like effects pedals and walls of sound. what is it with indie bands and the japanese lady singers?

5.Autoclave - Dr. Seuss
This DC band which featured Mary Timony and Christina Billotte didn't last long. Too bad. Women of indie punk bands will name drop this band for street cred.

6.Built to Spill - Girl
I have this 7in and remember how happy i was when i first placed the needle on the record and was wowed by this short little diddy. No one quite does it like Built to Spill.

7.Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah! - Gimmie me Some Salt
This band put out a record themselves and got really big in the music community. It was a good record and big labels wanted to buy it and make some money. This band said, "FUCK NO!" In the end this band never sold their record to any big label but got their good record distributed like it was on a big label. WHAT!!! This band is smart.

8.Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up to Dry
My cd player broke in my car and i have to listen to the radio for now. In LA there is a radio station call indie 103. They played this song. Why this song is on my computer is a mystery to me. I am sure these guys don't want to be indie.

9.The Hidden Cameras - Awoo
This band is Gay. Homo and Happy. The Gays are taking over indie music. Awooooooo!

10.Oxford Collapse - Please Visit Your National Parks
I really like this song....title. Oh my sweet baby jesus! Uh, yeah i think i am getting old. This is soooo 10 years ago. If this sound is new to you go to your local record store and look in the emo section. Pick up Boys Life, Braid and whatever else is there. I don't know what else to say.

11.Pavement - Here
Why bother.

12.Poni Hoax - Involutive Star
Oh, the French! Euros don't do indie. They make love to Indie. They wear their influences on their sleeves and still sound like themselves. The good euros do anyway and they are not afraid to dance!

13.Sambassadeur - Ice & Snow
Sweden is heaven for indie kids. Bands like this are a dime a dozen there. God Bless em!

14.Stars - What I'm trying to say
The girl i was talking about earlier,Amy Millan, sings in this band. Its very indie to have boy and girl vocals singing together about how they love you. Why is it that a band can have all this good production and songwriting and not crossover to the monday night football crowd? Oh yeah! this is kinda pussy music.

15.Talking Heads - Heaven
Man! this band gets name dropped as an influence alot. Where is our Talking Heads for our generation?

16.Tokyo Police Club - Citizens of Tomorrow
Its Oct 2006 and this is the now sound for indie. sorta
I really need to clean up my itunes.

17.Voxtrot - Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow (Felt)
I started the mix with a Texas indie band i will end it with one. Any band that cover the Felt are ok in my book.

I don't know about you but i didn't learn a damn thing.

What is Indie? Mix

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