Sunday, November 26, 2006

5 Albums You Listen To Alone

So i am going to try this out. Ask my friends or you what 5 albums you listen to alone. This is my buddy Christian's idea and here are his albums.

Here are 5 albums sitting in a pile on my floor.
im alone most the time here,hence the name of the post. some might sound fine with others but i prefer to hear them alone since most people cant shut the fuck up..
5. lydia lunch- drowning of lucy hamilton/in limbo double album
first album is instrumental lydia lunch playing piano with lucy hamilton(connie burg i believe of no wavers Mars) on clarinet. sounds like murder. a slow murder in a wet forest. second album is lydia with thurston moore and others doing some creepy lullabyerock with lots of slow bends and angles. watch the candle burn to both of these,then watch the house burn down,then your soul.

4.robert ashley-automatic writing.
album has something to do with this guy having mild tourettes or some shit.
i guess this guy is considered a modern composer or something. its a creep fest album with lots of minimal talking(if that makes any sense). repeated phrases and some girl taking bout a dude putting hands in her mouth. this shit might turn some of you perverts on. though you gotta be a real creep. if so we should definitely start a band. email me.

3.richard youngs-river through howling sky/advent- i love this wacko. first album starts off with the best evil bass rhythm to build a spookfest night i have heard in a while. then some restrained strangling guitar. lots of contradictions. even some wind chimes. and his always amazing yearning yet never lame voice. quiet stuff but youll be hanging on every note. and he is jandeks bass player. advent is his first album from like 90 or something and its droning charlemagne palestine piano and intense vocals. out of the gate and he was channeling this???!!!? holy fuck. oh yeah go on youtube and look at some of that charlemagne palestine footage

2. charlemagne palestine live in holland 1998
watch that shit!! he is chanting and droning on one chord while he shows footage of himself with his stuffed animals in a cemetary. if you feel the power of this give me a HELL YEAH!!!!
i cant believe a man with this power is not made the pope or branded a devil.

1.David Coulter- intervention(young god records) im proud as fuck to say im on the danielle stech homsy(rio en media) cd coming out in february/march with this guy. he has played with everyone interesting from marianne faithful,pogues,test dept,tom waits,angels of light, the list goes on and on. he plays nose flute,didgeredoo,violin,electronics,ukelele,saw the list goes on!!!! this cd has a bunch of compositions all over the place but they all channel up spirits i tell you!! throat singing.wierd tape stuff,jews harp. sound like modern rituals. get in a trance. the other cd on young god of him remixing charlemagne palestine is essential too.

bonus track!!! scott walker-song called "darkness" on this new comp about the plague called Plague songs. some ok stuff on this cd that just came out. but the walker song is his usual boundary shattering style. some fucked up call and response blues chant done with crazed banshee opera singers. i still am wrapping my head around the drift. tilt is my favorite album of all time though. cant wait til the documentary on him comes out. check the clip on you tube.

send me your five all alone thoughts!!!


RobTunderVillain said...

to paraphrase John Olson, Charlemagne Palestine footage is rulin!

The Count of Montevideo said...

Good question. Of the top of my head I'd say:

Talk Talk - Laughing Stock

Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar

Slowdive - Pygmalion

Islaja - Palaa Aurinkoon

Bill Holt - Dreamies

I find them all pretty introspective. Which raises the interesting tension between the inherently selfish aspect of consuming art...and the equally inherent desire to share/experience with others.