Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hot Chip

Hot Chip started making music because they were bored with alot of other music. Hot Chip loved the idea of 'pop' music but not the people who make 'pop' music now. They love Phil Spector and the Beach Boys, Kraftwerk and Robert Wyatt, timbaland and Madlib, Brian Eno and Devo, Anti-Pop Consortium and Aphex Twin, Will Oldham and Royal Trux. Hot Chip are a band different from most electronic music by playing everything live- no backing tracks, no computers. They use 4 keyboards and a drum machine, not all guitars. They write folk songs and record them on old synthesizers. The songs are honest words about food and love, and they try to make people laugh the way you laugh at richard pryor in the same song too. If your in LA tonight Hot Chip are playing at the Henry Fonda Theater. Here are some EPs from the band.

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