Monday, November 06, 2006


Valet is Honey Owens. Valet started off as an exploration of sound and video with video artist Jason Frank and has even explored the realms of audio/video installation, group dynamic performance art events and "happenings" of all sorts. Honey has played in many different projects in Portland over the last decade, most notably as a member of experimental electronic group Nudge (records on audraglint/tigerbeat6/kranky), as well as playing and singing on jackie-o motherfucker's flat fixed fucked, fig. 5, liberation and flags of the sacred harp albums. She co-runs the yarnlazer label with Adam Forkner and they sometimes play together as WORLD(check out Marriage Records for the World CD)... Blood is Clean is Valet's first official release after a couple of very small "private pressings" of DVD-Rs and CD-Rs over the last couple of years. Gone are most of the computer vs live instrument and voice experiments which were more prevalent in early Valet performances and recordings and instead we get a Jon Hassell style exploration of haitian voodoo drums and chants, Sade ice cream melt voices, dream-time feedback loop guitars, psychedelic paint spill washes, acid-fried guitar solos, hand-drum rhythms, ambient blues raga. Deep psychedelic tribal blues. This mixed with her own weird interpretation of a more Velvet Underground minimalist-blues style of song writing.

1. april6th (8:08)
2. blood is clean (4:57)
3. burmajuama (3:35)
4. tame all the lions ((4:43)
5. mystic flood (4:03)
6. my volcano (7:10)
7. sade4bri (6:11)
8. getnfive (Front Machine remix) (6:53)
total running time: 45:43

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