Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas joint forces in 2003, after mutual admiration and inspiration of each others productions. Lindstrøm as muso-wizard and Prins Thomas as underdog remix-champ. They both have a background from different norwegian rather bad band-projects, ranging from punk to gospel via country to heavy metal to folk and psychedelia. They both share the same passion for collecting records as well, and run their own labels Feedelity, Full Pupp and Tamburin. Besides working on various solo-projects, their main priority is their joint venture into the always expanding outer limits of futuristic disko and UNIVERSAL BOOGIE !!! They both are dj's, as well as performing a semi-live laptop-set.

These 2 put out a self titled album last year and it was hard to find and if you did find it was like $30 bucks. Itunes has it. I have it and so should you. Lindstrom's comp of singles is getting lots of buzz thanks to Pitchfork and i agree with them for once. This album is what space age bachelor pad music is today. I guess? Smoooooth!

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

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RobTunderVillain said...

pretty much anything these two have been involved with over the last few years or so has been amazing. seek out their remixes, notably Lindstrom's great remix of FranzFerd's "I'm Your Villain" and Prins Thomas' disco-fication of Stephen Malkmus' "Kindling For The Master" (under the pseudonym 'Major Swellings').