Monday, January 29, 2007

The Cat's Miaow

Australian indie-pop band the Cat's Miaow formed in May, 1992; a quartet comprised of members of the incestuous Melbourne music scene, the lineup featured vocalist Kerrie (formerly of the Beat Poets and Tra La La), guitarist Bart (from Blairmailer and Girl of the World), bassist Andrew (also of Blairmailer, as well as the Ampersands) and drummer Cameron (ex-Girl of the World). Recording on a primitive four-track, over the next two years the Cat's Miaow issued a series of cassettes on the small Aussie label Toytown, including Little Baby Sour Puss, Pet Sounds, the excellent From My Window and How Did Everything Get So Fucked Up?; finally, in 1996 the U.S. label Bus Stop issued A Kiss and a Cuddle, a compilation of the cassettes' best tracks. Songs for Girls to Sing -- another collection of EPs, live tracks and unissued material including "Shoot the Moon," taken from a split single with Stereolab -- followed in 1997. After a handful of ambient-influenced recordings issued under the name Hydroplane, in 1999 the Cat's Miaow returned with The Long Goodbye, their entry in Darla Records' continuing "Bliss Out" series.

Songs for girls to sing

Hollow inside (version 2)
Make a wish
Light the beacon
Not like I was doing anything (version 2)
You left a note on the table (version 2)
Baby I love you
You know it's true
What time is it there?
I can't sleep thinking you hate me (version 3)
I fall to pieces
Let me brush the hair from your face (version 2)
Portland, Oregon
One of us is in the wrong place
Right back where we started from
Do you think it will snow tonight?
The others way
Shoot the moon
Barney and me
Millions of tiny lights
LA International airport
If things had been different
Don't worry this isn't about you
Nothing can stop us
Peut-etre que rien jamais
Laisses-moi froler les cheveux de ton visage
Revant de toi
Troisieme etage
Nothing can stop us (live)
Crying (live)
Third floor fire escape view (live)
Let it flow (live)
*All songs were previously available on singles or compilations except Light the beacon, Not like I was doing anything (version 2), You left a note on the table (version 2) and Baby I love you, from the unreleased Bus Stop single "Songs for girls to sing" (Bus052) and the live tracks taken from the unreleased "Fireside songs" tape (Fanclub) Fan003.

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