Monday, January 29, 2007

Max De Wardener

Max de Wardener is a true original, a talented multi-instrumentalist and composer. His debut EP for Accidental Records, "Stops" (2002) wove a solemn tapestry of gentle oratorio, tonal grandeur and shimmering, cut-up electronics. With his debut album, 'Where I am today' (2004) he presented the widescreen version of his musical vision.

'Where I Am Today' manages that rare thing, an electronic album that relies more on actual musicianship than recording techniques. The sound sources are part arch-experimentalist and part Sunday-school music room, so we find recorders and organs rubbing shoulders with cloudchamber bowls, transistors and the sound of wires. It is an album with a clear-cut experimental agenda that has managed to remain beautiful and emotive.

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