Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pan American

"For Waiting, For Chasing" is the 5th release by Pan.American, which is the solo project of Mark Nelson, also of Labradford. From a technical point of view the album is a sensitive combination of the electronic domain (synthesizers, computer) and acoustic instruments (guitars, percussion, flugelhorn), with the latter involving friends and musicians like Steven Hess (percussion) and David Max Crawford (Flugelhorn). But it is not about the process or the media, which have been used. It is about how elements and structures are put in a detailed relation to each other…ending up in a slow-moving, breathing organism. Filaments of percussive elements condense to polyrhythmic elements, layers of sound, instruments and field recordings merge to build up a mystic parallel, not so much fictional, world. "For Waiting, For Chasing" has a strong emotional content, if the term emotional would not be so often misunderstood as "being expressive“. There is a very personal trace throughout the album, outlined by the artist himself.

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