Monday, January 29, 2007


Blissful second album from Mr Jonas Munk known better as Manual. Having caressed our preconceptions with the fraglility of acoustic instrumentation on his debut Hobby Industries 12", and then honing his melodic sensibilites with his very well received debut full length ‘Until Tomorrow’ for Morr Music, we now have the eagerly anticipate follow up - ‘ascend’. The artwork by Jan Kruse plays with similar imagery to Fennesz's ‘Endless Summer’ and in some ways these albums share much in common, both offering life affirming electronic music for the masses to enjoy. It would be no lie to refer to Manual's music as euphoric, melodies that tug at the heart strings blending in with unobtrusive rhythms and subdued vocal drops. In fact many moments hit the emotional heights that the finest work of Sigur Ros has hinted at, with the acoustic/electronic lines becoming so blurred that it's hard at times to separate the two. This is reflective music, an album one of the very few current electronic music artists who have paved their own unique path, it will enrich your record collection and is another hit for Morr Music. Sink into it with confidence.

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