Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Good Shoes

I took this interview from this website. : http://www.thisisfakediy.co.uk

South Londoners Good Shoes aren't content with the level of hype that's been lumped on their name in the past few months, so they're upping the stakes with new single 'All In My Head', complete with new B-sides 'Questions And Answers', and 'Rights And Wrongs'. They're also due to start working on a debut album this month, along with touring, and appearing at this year's Truck Festival, and we spoke to the band's Rhys Jones.

How did the band form?
We've all been friends since high school, then we went to college together and Tom and I are brothers! Steve and I just started playing together and wrote 'In The City' and 'Small Town Girl' and decided we should carry on, then Tom joined and Joel joined and we started playing gigs in Febuary 2005.

You recently played The Great Escape, did you enjoy it? Did you eat candy floss on the pier?
The festival was great, the gig was really good. I used to live in Brighton and hated the pier, it's the worst thing about Brighton so I didn't eat candy floss on it!

How's your tour been so far?
It's been going really well, Nottingham, Brighton and a few others were amazing! All have been really good though! We have a few left then time off until the festivals. I think the rest is going to be really good.

Have there been any tour shenanigans?
Not that I can remember, we're pretty boring on tour, we have just been going out drinking and the usual. I'm the most boring really, I've been mainly going to sleep early!

Your last single 'We Are not The Same' got some great reviews, are you pleased with the response it got?
Haha you didn't read the Drowned in Sound review, it was terrible, we're happy with the response, it sold out in a couple of weeks! People are singing along to it at gigs so yeah were happy with the response!

Do you have an album in the pipeline?
Yeah I think it is gonna come out in February next year, we dont know who we're doing it with. we tried out a few people but were trying out some others in July ad then will record it in August, it will probably be mostly made up of the demos that are floating round the internet and a few new ones.

What's next on your release schedule?
'All In My Head' on July 17th. Then either 'Never Meant To Hurt You' or 'Small Town Girl' in October then February.

Will you be playing any festivals this year?
Yeah Truck, Reading Leeds, Bestival and we've been playing a few city festivals, Dot to Dot was the best. It was pretty insane.


anvilscepe said...

This is AWESOME. Can you please tell me if this is an actual release because I have tried to find information on this release and not many songs appear on one release and not all are on this post? I hope that was understandable.

Blackeyed Donkey said...

Sorry i just posted what i had. This is not any particular record. just a comp of what i own.