Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Herman Dune

Herman Dune has been a notorious underground band for a few years already, with fans
in Europe and in the USA.
They recorded a new album, “GIANT”, for the new record-label Source Etc, and for
the first time they had time and support to let arrangements and sound-production
fantasies express themselves. With a brand-new Percussion Line-Up, the vintage sound
of an actual Bourbon ‘horns and brass’ section and the vocal support of the girl-
group “The Woo-Woos” (Lisa Li-Lund and The New York Babyskins), Herman Dune make
their renowned love for good songwriting shine a little brighter.
Poetry, melodies and groove are their favorite writing and playing devices, and if
they can have fun recording their songs, they are even happier about them. Giant was
recorded with the band playing live in a studio near Mount Snodown in North Wales,
UK, where Giants roam at night.
The craft of the songs remains their first concern, rhymes and choruses move them
tremendously, but they had more time to embellish their sound, this time.
The Herman Dune Family has roots in Sweden, France, and New York, USA. The brothers
David-Ivar aka Ya Ya (guitar, bass and vocals) and Andre (guitar, saxophone and
vocals) have been playing together since early childhood with Neman (Drums), and
soon their young sister Lisa (Backing Vocals) was to follow her brothers and joined
the band. They now live in different parts of the world (Berlin, New York and Paris)
and gather for touring and recording as often as they can. With a few albums out
on American, English and French underground labels, and the latest widely acclaimed
album Not On Top (Track And Field UK), they have toured allover the world, for
expanding crowds. The English press has always supported them, even through chaotic
distribution, and BBC1 DJs play their songs a lot. John Peel invited them for 12
Peel Sessions on BBC, like only a few other bands, and they still record from time
to time for BBC now that he is gone. Well aquainted with the american live scene and
with many friends in the New York Artist Comunity, they have performed in a lot of
places, and made strong connections in many states and countries.
Giant was crafted with songs first, and then real instruments, real people and analog

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