Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Flying Canyon

At the heart of Flying Canyon is Bay Area songwriter/filmmaker Cayce Lindner, a veteran of The Golden Hotel and The Goodwill Tapes. Lindner's exploratory songs delve deep into the recesses of the psyche, yet reveal a dark, cosmic optimism unheard elsewhere. Glenn Donaldson, long a supporter of Lindner's music and vision, was instrumental in assiting Lindner in the realization of Flying Canyon. In addition to Donaldson, Flying Canyon features multi-instrumentalist Shayde Sartin. The domm folk trio's self-titled debut, released in autumn 2006 on Soft Abuse, has garnered comparisons to sun-baked Californians like Jerry Garcia, David Crosby and Skip Spence.

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mr.A said...

Everybody must try this one, it's a great record!!!