Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Zebulon Pike

Zebulon Pike is something like Pelican meets The Fucking Champs. They're a heavy instrumental stoner/math rock band, with two guitarists who are all about the insane harmonies. The drummer and bassist get a workout too, what with the complex, dynamic song structures this band navigates. From ultra-sludgy riff attacks to mellow and pretty (even a bit jazzy) breakdowns, the melodic doom calculus of Zebulon Pike proceeds at a generally slow pace (nine or twelve minute long songs are the norm), interspersed with bursts of note-manic playing. You'll definitely hear the band's '70s influences of Wishbone Ash and Black Sabbath, translated into a modern instrumental post-rock realm. The band also goes beyond metal and prog to cite classical composers like Bela Bartok and Avro Part as inspirations to their "slow motion apocalypse". Mighty, mythic instrumental metal indeed. FYI Zebulon Pike takes their name from an early American explorer, the same guy for whom Pike's Peak is named.

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