Monday, December 18, 2006

Robin Guthrie

As COCTEAU TWINS guitarist and producer, Robin Guthrie is the man responsible for creating that famous sound and opening the door for My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, et al. Darla Records is very proud to offer Robin Guthrie�s second instrumental album Continental. Dare I say... Continental is Robin�s strongest all-instrumental bliss out, or make out, record since Cocteau Twins. Robin gives more heart and soul on Continental than on his previous instrumental release Imperial. Continental is more focused, stronger in feeling, and in composition. Of course all of Robin's signature elements are here: Shimmering guitars, ethereal moods as fluid and deep as any of Eno�s, and yes, he does at times thankfully bring the rock. The mood overall is classic Robin Guthrie. Fans of the Cocteau Twins and all they've spawned, please welcome back your daddy. This is the first of four new Robin Guthrie records for Darla. Robin�s music is a treasure.

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