Wednesday, December 13, 2006

White Magic

Brooklyn's dark indie folk trio White Magic features singer/guitarist/pianist Mira Billotte, drummer/bassist Miggy Littleton, and guitarist/drummer Andy Macleod. Billotte played in Quix*o*tic with her sister Charlotte (also of Slant 6); Littleton played in Ida with his brother Dan; and McLeod also played in California Speedway. The band played in New York for a couple of years and appeared on the United Bamboo collection before Drag City signed them in 2003. That spring, White Magic played the All Tomorrow's Parties festival and issued their debut EP, Through the Sun Door. In 2005, Billotte played a few shows as White Magic, accompanied only by guitaristSleepy Doug Shaw; the group also appeared on a CD sampler sponsored by Tylenol that year. The duo began recording White Magic's debut album in 2005 as well, collaborating with Gang Gang Dance's Tim DeWitt — who played with the band occasionally in its earliest days — as well as other musicians for a more eclectic, layered sound than before. The results, Dat Rosa Mel Apibus, arrived in fall 2006.

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